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Unpleasant Memories Should Have No Reminders – Get Rid Of Scars

Scars are the after effects of the skin renewal process. When there is damage to skin, the tissues are affected and the body prepares itself to heal the damage and replace the area with newer tissues. Most of the times, the newer tissues that form are different in color, and look to the rest of the skin. For few people, these scars are temporary and are healed over time. The skin gets back its normal look and feel. In most cases, these scars stay on forever and if they in regions like the face, they attract unwanted attention and can cause mental agony and can also cause physical issues like redness, itch etc.

Can scars be completely avoided?

No. Unfortunately the body and the impact of the damage caused determines this. While no scar can ever be avoided, it can be healed to near perfection if the right treatment procedure is followed at the early stages.

What is Contractubex Gel?

Contractubex is a bestselling scar treatment product that has been in the market for more than 50 years. It is sold in over 60 countries and is the favorite recommendation of dermatologists across the globe.

What does Contractubex do?

This gel heals old and new scars and work effectively in regaining back nearly perfect skin tone and look. It can be used for abrasions, cuts, burns, accident marks, injuries, surgery marks, lacerations, laser treatments etc.

What are the ingredients?

Contractubex contains 3 main ingredients for effective scar treatment. They are:

1. Heparin – This helps reduce inflammation and swelling and works in supporting cell and tissue regeneration

2. Extractum Cepae – Is anti-bacterial in nature and prevents formation of excess scar tissues

3. Allantoin – Relieves itching and helps in quicker healing process

When is the right time to start applying the gel?

Never apply them on open wounds. Once the wound is closed and/or the stitches have been removed, it can be applied. Doctors would suggest applying the same 2 to 3 times a day on the affected area and massaged gently. The gel forms a protective film on the affected area and stays on for a long time working on healing the tissues.

It is recommended that sensitive areas like the eyes, insides of the nose and other mucous membranes be avoided of application. Women can apply this gel, wait for a couple of minutes for it to dry out and then continue with regular cosmetics/makeup.

How long does it take before seeing results?

Patience is the key here. Depending on the type and complexity of the wound, it may take 3-6 months before visible differences are observed. Do not quit half way through and treat the skin religiously for the prescribed time frame.

Will all scars completely fade off?

Unlike few other scar treatment products, Contractubex does not give false promises. A scar is permanent and a faint remainder will be there. Contractubex just makes sure that the scar is visibly and significantly reduced.

Contractubex gel is clinically tested and is safe for kids and people with sensitive skin.

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